BAH3 #1427, Attack of the Sombreros

May 3, 2015 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

What: a south of the border WankerFest meandering in the Mexico-like environs of Bowie MD.

When: Sunday 3 May 3pm

Why: you know exactly why. if you’re going to run around in a sombrero you might as well drink.

Where: Bowie’s Little Mexico, the back of the HillTop Plaza Shopping Center, Bowie, 20715, possibly near a dumpster. Get thee to MD 3 and MD 450 thence goest west until Annapolis Rd. and see Hilltop Plaza in all its glory. go to the back where seedy things would probably happen, look for wankers, park and hash.

Minor Address Correction for those who read the text directions and not just hit the little thingy on the screen.
The shopping center is at intersection of MD450 Annapolis Rd, and Race Track Rd. ‎Make a note of it.

On After: Pancho n Pepes (1651 MD-3 Crofton, MD 21114)

Important Note: Important Safety Regulations require the use of Sombreros during this hash.

Due to overwhelming response and questions I have to state that this trail is unequivocally Dogs and Strollers‎ friendly.
In fact It’s totally animal friendly. There will be a genuine Tijuana Donkey Show‎. You can’t get friendlier to a donkey than that.
Might need a leash ‎for road crossings.
Also note there will be beer checks and shot checks, and maybe one where you can get a Dirty Sanchez.

see you
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