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BAH3 Green Dress Registration

Green Dress

Green Dress

WHAT: 6th Anal Green Dress Run, it’s time to whip out your best green bling and strut your stuff in Naptowne!

WHEN: Saturday, March 16th. 

12:00 pm Registration Opens
1:00 pm Kegs Tapped
2:00 pm Pack Away



HARES: At Your Cervix, Johnnie Cockring, Noahhh, Bourbon Street Bitch, Velvet Vulva and Ponyboy

COST: $30 until Feb 10th, then $40 until we reach capacity (80 hashers)

Covers kegs of Irish beer, shot/beer checks and dinner

ATTIRE: A green dress/kilt/snuggie/leotard/body stocking is required, the sexier & more revealing the better.



If you have any question please e-mail At Your Cervix or (301) 807-4822


Green Dress Run

Green Dress

Green Dress

WHAT: 7th Anal Green Dress Run, it’s time to whip out your best green bling and strut your stuff in Naptowne!

WHEN: Saturday, March 22nd @ 12:00pm



TRAIL NOTES: walkers trail, multiple shot/beer checks, stroller friendly



Who’s Cumming

Last Update: 3/11/12

Hash Name Kennel
At Your Cervix BAH3
Velvet Vulva BAH3
Ponyboy BAH3
Double-D Ass BAH3
Just Jacky Homeless
Top of the Food Chain D.R.I.F.T.E.R.H3
One, Two Covered in Goo SMUTTy Crab
Stillet Ho SMUTTy Crab
Necrogizer SMUTTy Crab
Hard on the Beaver SMUTTy Crab
Green Velvet SMUTTy Crab
zz bottom the 3rd BAH3
Pump N Dump BAH3
Works For Tips BAH3
$5 Infection BAH3
Chicks Won’t Stick BAH3
Eat My Twat BAH3
Full Cock Ahead SMUTTy Crab
3West BAH3
As Long As It’s In BAH3
Bobbin 4 Buttplugs BAH3
Math Sucks, Let’s Fuck! WH4
Amazon.cum BAH3
Lil Flour BAH3
SexApnea BAH3
Stevie Wunderlic DCH4
Just Add Water DCH4
Tubslut Rumson
Sour Snatch My Rubber Back Hillbilly H3
Blinded by the Spooge DCH4
Bourbon Street Bitch SMUTTy Crab
Kegel Soze BAH3
Honey I Suck Not Well BAH3
Just Clark BAH3
Any Cock’ll Do Me BAH3
The Cockodile Hunter OTH4 / Hillbilly H3
Osama Bin Hashing
Shimjob DCH4
One Night Stand BAH3
Dump ‘N Scrunch BAH3
Dr. Strangelove DCH3
Electric Muff Chuckler BAH3
Under 25 to Ride DCH4 / MoCo
Foreign Sex Change DCH4
Old Faithful DCH4
I Like Your Boobs WH4
Dude No Insertion Hillbilly H3
Felicity Shagwell Yerevan
Fla5her Yerevan
Tasty Toots Kiev
3Holer WH4
Just Will BAH3
Just Phill BAH3
Just Craig BAH3
Just Lynne BAH3
Mud Flaps BAH3
Oral Presentation DCH4
Hot Crotchet H5
Just Amy Homeless
No Child Left Behind DCH4
Deer Penthouse Hillbilly H3
Cleanup-Aisle-3 BAH3
Tony Panda WH4
May’Oral Fixation BAH3
Cumrade Pissonya BAH3
RU-469 EWH3
Shamrock Your Cock EWH3
Hangman Hillbilly H3
ButtSucker Hillbilly H3
Spitz.cum Hillbilly H3
Pico de Gayo SMUTTy H3
Pecker Checker WH4
Just Chris Homeless
No Tom Tom Homeless
Late Nite Drive Thru DCH4
Ass Spelunker DCH4
Cho-king Hazard DCH4
Fossil BAH3/DCH3
Bad Ditch WH4
Load Packer WH4
Horny Toad BAH3/WH4
Cherry Peddler Southside H3
Cum Fly With Me FHKIT Korea K3
Brown Eye for the Gay Guy Homo/Road Whores
Dildo Shaggins WH4
F*cking Squid DCH3
Avalanche Dewey Beach H3
Noahhh BAH3
Johnnie Cockring BAH3
For Sale or Rent WH4/MVH3
2 Good 2 Swallow MVH3
JackOff Lantern WH4
Oral FIxation BAH3
Slutty Charms WH4
Hairy Nacho Ho SMUTTy Crab H3
The Whore of Sarajevo DCH4
Couff BAH3
Hosehead Dirt Road
Thone Ranger WH4
Monk BAH3

Redwing Hoover

Film@11 BAH3
Sticktease DCH4
Silence of the Clams BAH3