2018 BAH3 Campout


Naked and Afraid

September 14th-16th, 2018


New Venue for 2018!! 

PRIVATE Clothing Optional Resort on the water in MD, 30 minutes from DC.
What you get: All the best things. Beer. A real pool. Hot Pool Attendants. Heated Spa. Plenty of indoor/covered space, kitchen, tables, all the civilized things. Loud music from a real DJ. Inappropriate humor. Meat and other things barbecued to perfection. Breakfasts. Lunches. Naps. Strolling. Lollygagging. Deep shiggy. Deluxe orange food. SWAG. Dumb games. ZERO possibility of getting tossed for nudity*


* Still feeling a bit wiggy about “clothing optional”? Clothing-optional resorts are boringly normal — and non-erotic. There will be no pressure on you to disrobe. What you wear or don’t wear is a non issue, and unless a very different group of wankers shows up, most of you will probably remain clothed, as usual.  The pool is the only area where nudity is expected, and we will have other ways to get you wet if it is hot.  Any questions about that?  Ask KiloTwat@gmail.com
Gates open 12pm Friday, till 5pm Sunday
RV space is available, but no power or water hookups.  Also no generators at camp.
Sorry, dogs are not allowed.


Maryland Health Society

15 miles from the nearest Metro (Uber-friendly!)

Cost: $117

First 50 Regos get a Hash sarong or similarly amazing bonus swag!

Sold Out!

Who's Coming!

Hash NameKennel
Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, BeetlejizzBAH3
Daddy’s Little Screamer BAH3
Bobbin for ButtplugsBAH3
Ass SpelunkerDCH4
Late Nite Drive ThruDCH4
Do-Me Decimal DominatrixBAH3
Beer and a Bag Full of Dildos... Good Times!SMUTTy Crab H3
Periodic Table DancerbAH3
Diddler on the RoofBAH3
The Great White MILFSHIT
Girl Scout CookiesBAH3
Crash Test DumbassBAH3
MoreMen Pukes TonightCCH3
Can U Not Tinkle OFH3
Any Cock’ll Do MeBah3
Black Don't QuackCCH3
Fuck a DuckCCH3
Unleash the FurrryCCH3
Chix Won't StickBAH3
Transplant it in MeBAH3
Eat My TwatBAH3
Just RobBAH3
Pay Per ViewDCH4
Tour duh WhoreDCH4
Dude, That GuyFull Moon H3
Knock Knock It’s DaddyOTH4
HardOn the beaverSMUTty Crab H3
Green VelvetSMUTty Crab H3
Two Handed Hum TuckerOFH3
Map My CuntSMUTTy Crab H3
Bourbon Street BitchSMUTTy Crab H3
Gunna Probably SpewBAH3
Hooked on PhallusHBH3
Mama's Luv SacHBH3
Learner SpermitBAH3
Just SethBAH3
Bambi’s BitchBAH3
Fish N TitsWH4
Just HeatherCharm city
Finger Licking GoodWhite House
Just MikeHomeless
Just Rubbin On The ChildrenBAH3
Bent Over Sap SuckerBAH3
Just AngelaBAH3
Just RyanHomeless
Preteen ProteinDC Whore
Can't Find Pussy in a HaystackDC Road Whores
Orange is the New SnatchDCRW
Muddy Twaters BAH3
Silence of the ClamsBAH3
Bang Em StyleBAH3
Just WillHomeless
Pump house sperm Filter Charlotte h3
Clitler Naked Pirate H3
Banana SplitNaked Pirate H3
RU-469 DC Road Whore
mud flapsBah3
5 O'Twat ShadowClam H3
Cleavage to BeaverBAH3
zz bottom the 3rdBAH3
Math Sucks, Let's Fuck!Red Tent
Spunk MonkeyDC Road Whores
Just IIIHomeless
District 69WH4 / DCRW
The Cock WhispererAAAH3
Little Zombie Munch PunchWH4
Red DongWH4
Betty CockerDCRT
Dickoupage BAH3
Scooter KunteEWH3
Just SteveHomeless
A Phone Named GerbilBAH3
Little sisterBah3
Oral PresentationDCH4/BAH3
Spew TubeDCH4/BAH3
Blonde RootsBAH3
Lauren JustHomeless
The Hair Up ThereCCH3
J k ralphingCch3
Jewels of duh Nile Hockessin / BFM
Roll Over Bitch!EWH3/DCRW
Twincest is BestBah3
Udderly VanillaBAH3
Princess JizzminRIH3
Seriously 5-10CCH3
Scuba DeuceSmutty/BDH3