BAH3 1300 – Cheap Ass Gigolo, Fossil, No Wake Zone, Tighter Than urAnus


As we waited to board the Blessed Comet delivering us from the end of the Hash as we know it, the congregation assembled readied for Rapture but the bitches didn’t deliver. Cheap Ass Gigolo, Fossil, No Wake Zone, and Tighter Than urAnus.
 yet didst the congregation exclaim their glories:
The 4 Hores of the Appocolypse are responsible for this trail-
3 fattish middle-aged men and one hot female.
It started out fine but soon they began to flail;
they went where no man has gone before with their phasers set to Fail.
we paid six bucks and expected to be raptured
but we’re still here and it seems we been captured
by our slavish craving for shiggy sex and beer;
and for some of us, inserting objects in ourears.
so i guess we’ll see you next week, sinners
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