Hast Trash #1292 – I’m Tho Thor, One Night Stand


Mmm loch raven was niiiiice. Though trail got underway without some of the extra-clueless, they (or as some would say, we)
caught up thanks to clever and well marked trail design. I know right? Who would have thought. 

We had a visitor who lied about being from England because he had no accent and also looked suspiciously 
Asian. And I think he’s a transplant so we will be able to question him further. . PCB was the name I believe. Or pbs. he wouldnt say. But he did sing one of those odd Englishy songs. Welcome Liar. 

Amber and pNcream and whoever else took turns toting the giant bag of wine left as shot check, and its not a bad frb bag.
Gigilo. He is very entertaining, that boy. Ladies you should see what he can do with an orange. $5 whined liked a tiny hurt 
girl about the lack of Quality Beer befitting His GMness. 
Or maybe that was gigilo too. I don’t remember. It was somebody hairy. 

No wake zone lost 30 lbs or something. Pretty amazing. Fuckin Show off. 

Stick it in my socket showed again she has an encyclopedic songbook. 

And then the hares were greeted with this lame rap:

Im Tho Thor is the man of the hour;
He rocks a skinhead look and believes in white flour!
Thor says he got his name from a pain in his gland caused by hand via One Night Stand
who took him for a ride in his big black cop car, and bought him a special drink at a nearby bar, and made his finger stink up thors ass this far. 

Hey what do you expect for 6 bucks. 
To next week and possible cleverness.
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