Hash Trash #1154: BAH3 C-Rap Gone Viral!!

Well the Hares were FayLAy, Mother Chalker, Park & Ride; and if you missed it, you really screwed the pooch. Cuz now you won’t be on the video with (not) famous rapper Whats His Name.
Extra Creamy Dog Crap found us a place to conduct our post trail Religious Activities after an hour of driving from one place to another, hoping to quaff our beer and sing our bawdy songs in peace.  So we happen upon this budding young rapper – look for him soon- shooting his very first rap video, getting crunk, looking bad, flashing his grille, near some underpass, cool, dark, the kind that smells like urine and is perfect for smoking some weed in.  He, his limo, and his camera crew. Boy was he in luck when the BAH3 rolled in to bust our best moves to our own BAH3 C-Rap as Slowman calls it, and Lil Dog Doody or whoever he was actually hip hopped over and joined us to get some street cred in his video, keepin it real, getting down with a bunch of dance-challenged middle aged white drunks covered in mud and stickers.  Oh plus all our totally hot harriettes showin up HIS bitches for sure.

So the guy was friendly, probably just not tooo smart….. Hmmm…. why, he’d fit right in with us. But i digress.
At Hash start the crowd of miscrants gathered on the outskirts of DC  near some park that might have appeared in a well known espionage movie…  A pack of 32 included our brave Hare Razor stand in Electric Muff Chuckler…  thats EMF if youre not very good at acronyms…. Hash Cash Duo Saintly Suds, EZ Lipps…. anybody organized enough to act as Hash Cash starting this summer? they be leavin…… as a matter of fact if youre interested in being part of Mismanagement, identify yourself to a current member….  especially if youre a Tea Bagger and want to put mismanagement back in the hands of the people…….  or want to Give Back to all those that love you…. Fossil dropped in… had some of those flip down sunglasses that go on his ballcap visor…. maybe…. Canned P skipped on by…. Count Crakula… Amelia Airhead showing off her new tramp stamp scar and tight black corset… Barf Bag… i think he’s depressed, he only made a half dozen lame puns…… Standard Deviant… Just Keep Your Names To Yourself Kim….  Mi Raki Freedom…. , Just Joe…  No Child Left Behind,…  token terrorist Ich Been Laiden… man that guy is good natured, taking the crap he does …  Mile High Baller… Couff…. the aforementioned Extra Creamy Dog Crap…  the lovely Hosehead… my own very self, Bunker Beater and Stuffed in my Box… both somehow quiet… though they did their usual wonderful job of running down all the falsies….. oh yeah… hey all you fast people: mark the checks please so we slow folk don’t need to actually go solve the checks ourselves. Remember this is the Slacker Hash…..  Under 25 to Ride graced us with his presence… Our Fervent Religious Advisor Bobbin4Buttplugs motored in with the replacement deerskull adorning the hood of world’s sexiest car, the black buttplug Impala, the last skull having been unbelievably and tragically purloined by some idiot cretin, or possibly it is being held for ransom in a Hash vengeance crime….   others included A River Runs Druid, Lil Flour and the lady who just fuckin loooves her underpants, Amazon,…..  why doesn’t she demonstrate that other song she always sings, like she does with the underpants tune…. also joining us, everyones favorite Stick Figure ,Just Christie, soon to be someone else (spoiler alert!)….Friar Fuck, Slowman and Bad Dog rounded out the mob.
One of the Justs either didn’t give his hash name or some other Wanker showed up, a very VERY long time no-seer, something Drawers …. a Lawman, ladies, in case you need to be frisked…. or have authority issues, daddy complexes, toolbelt fetishes, etc….. dude ran with the BAH3 for like 10 years…. then he got married….. end of that…. 8 years gone by, he realizes what he’s been missing and now wants to transform his life, put hisself in the guiding hands of Hashing, or at least check out whats become of his club…  they used to wear docksiders and sip wine…. ok not really… anyway welcome back, Wanker.  This is what happened to your club. Are you proud of yourself now? btw feel free to sign up to Hare. Like, that goes for everyone. It is superfun, easy- and you will get all kinds of helpful volunteers if you want a hand.
The circle saw the Naming of Just Christie, and the girl got the moniker Room With a Spew, for a discrete encounter which may or may not have involved friends and being spattered by something. or someone.
So… it was another perfectly good Sunday enhanced by a great BAH3 trail.  Thanks to our Hares and On On to BAH3 1155.  ZZ Bottom III and Fossil will tour you around the lower colon of Bowie. Bound to be nice. Its Easter!!!
AnyCock’llDo Me


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