Hash Trash #1087 – Spank Me, I’ve Been Naughty

Hares: Amazon "Bunny".com, Fey "Buffy" Lay, Amelia "Angel" Airhead, and Velvet "Kitten" Vulva

What happens when you mix a full moon, frisky co-eds, and tons of Yeungling? A night of debauchery that could only be the BAH3 hosted DC Area Full mOOn Hash! Wankers, virgins, and visitors flooded to the Delta Gamma sorority at the University of Maryland College Park for the monthly meeting of the clans. Not even the freezing temperatures could dampen the spirits of the scantily clad Harriett’s.

After some words of advice from Jack Off Lantern, the pack was sent on their way. A gentle stroll through sorority row soon gave way to the wilderness of College Park. Multiple water crossings, falling trees, and treacherous inclines were the menu of the evening. Wankers were thrown from ledges, impaled by branches, and lost to sink holes everywhere. Those that survived to escape the dark wilderness were greeted by the welcoming glow from the street lamps of campus. Past the chapel, through the quad, and on to the shot check. Amelia Airhead and FeyLay were such welcome sights! Copious amounts of vodka and fruit juice were consumed in an attempt to thaw our frozen extremities. Temporarily pacified, we began our final ascent up Knox Mountain to return to our starting point and our warm dry bags.

Tired, hypothermic, and in need of liquid nourishment, we made our way to the Thirsty Turtle where we were greeted by a massive number of bimbo hashers. The bartenders quickly began pouring pitcher after pitcher but their supply could not meet our demand! Screams for alcohol continued as Slowman circled the pack. The hares were brought to the front for their penance. Amazon mesmerized us with her new figure, Velvet let her inner pseudo personality surface, Amelia beguiled us with wiliness, and FeyLAY showed us all her wild Catholic school girl ways. Violations and circle ended as quickly as they had begun when the food arrived. It was devoured immediately and the pack went back to the task at hand – putting away the hash beer! The dancing, spanking, kissing hashers, kissing skulls, skulls giving head, skulls getting head, and generally deranged behavior continued into the early morning hours. Evidence is up – take a look to help piece together the memories of your evening!

OnOn to next month’s Full mOOn!


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