Hash Trash #1076 – Halloweenie Weekend

Sat-Sun, Oct 25-26, 2008

Hares: Spitz.cum & Pyro

Trail: A long trail up ShortHills Mountain plus 3 more miles of "Green Acre" bliss

….and so a very small, but perfect combination of dedicated, hash-crazed unsuspecting hounds traveled, one car at a time, to the hinterland of Northern VA in response to the hash "calling." Bless each and every one — the weekend was complete.

Muffallata arrived to "wine" and dine early on Saturday, tasting a newly released "straw wine" and trying to decide what costume to wear. Then the rest of the "night" crew arrived and the party began….and lasted 'till 3:00 am when the last scene of "The Tomato Killer" halloweenie thriller ended. There was Noah, B4B, SuctionCup, Film@11, WalkMyBitch, FeyLey, Mother Chalk-her, and arriving for Sunday's hash was AnnieCock and last, but NOT least, BackSeatBox.

The evening was filled with "Pyro-technics" — from wet wood and gasoline to Noah's sky lantern flight of light. There was debauchery and mayhem — from FeyLey's bedroom romping to SuctionCup's salamander beheading and downing 1/2 quart of Noah's 80 proof top shelf Hornitos Reposado tequila LIKE IT WAS LEMONADE — oh, she really did — and yes, she doesn't remember ANYTHING.

Sunday morning began late, but a superb breakfast ala MotherC and Film@11 omlets, Spitz and mimosas, and LOTS of coffee. The hares left at 10:00 am, returning at 12:30 having laid trail from here to there, through poison ivy and corn mazes, crossing creeks and fences, scarecrows and hay, and the scarriest twig-attack on FeyLey. There was even a neighborhood emergency with the flight-for-life helicopter landing in the nearby corn field…and Noah got their number.

Our hash breathern, MotherC, then presided over circle round the fire, after hot food and cold beer. All the usual suspects and accusations were deposed to the guilty, and slowing the departed majority left the remaining few to continue the "halloweenie" celebration while watching Rocky Horror Picture Show with Little Orphan Annie (Film@11) winning the costume contest that never happended.

…then Pyro and Spitz tucked everyone to bed and conjoured up a magical spell for Film@11 BIRTH-day so no one would ever forget her…THE END.

On on,

Ah.. so who would have known the long arm of the Mexican Mafia could reach even to the hinterlands of Bumf#k Virginia and the lare of Spitz.cum and her live-in handyman Pyro.  yes apparently the wankers dumb enough to drive out and spend the night 250 miles away were terrorized by Suction Cup in a tequila-fueled murderous rage. she decapitated a salamander, squashed a snake and eviscerated a frog, doing the Mexican hat dance on their little corpses and shouting, "Thees is what happen to you in my villages!! Ha! Hah! Hah!!"
OK but seriously. When the assembled masses got back from the boulder-strewn mountain trail and 40 miles of road, they serenaded the hapless hares with this tune, that sounded lots like that "oh muh darlin, oh muh darlin, oh my daaar-lin clementine" song :
Down down for Pyro, down down for Spitzcum; down downs for both these dicks;
they made us drive 90 miles, past east jeezus, past the sticks.
they tried to bribe us, with a breakfast, and a shiggy trail, to get us here;
luckily we are satisfied, just to swig some crappy beer.
On On



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