10/8/08 MM Meeting Trash

an unruly crowd gathered in one of the 20 different bars at savage mill rams head DID SOMEONE SAY HEAD? Tavern, naturally choosing the dingiest part, and a boy-man server equipped with a tiny ponytail. CP who apparently initiated the choice of venues, reclined all haughty and hot in a booth surrounded by other early arrivals or MM such like Spitzy and fey ley with her biznazz spectacles at the ready, scraggly backseat box wearing shorts over his pants (what was that about? needs Depenz? homeless?), Flaming N and boything metroseksooall Just Justin i think who has stepped up to the plate to help sweet FN with the Balt marathon BAH3 beer check very awesome bofe you, thanks, amazon looking like a bouncer at a high end bar with her sidekick litlflour. other than being a Hasher, the man is so sensible and normal. how did that matchup ever happen. and cervix and geezertwins suds and lipps who live around the corner. and a bunch of other people. Her Most Majestic and Boss Top Bitch of All Known Space, 3T, 3 Types of Bitches in One New Jersey Girl, salivating over the young, moist boys crooning astage, sauntered by with a Civilan while Pony boy is at home carboloading. she asked to remind her of the lovely lyrics writen for her at the campout: 
that's 3 trick pony with a voice like a lark
got her accent from a jersey trailer park
if she offered you a bj and you stuck your cock in
nothin gonna happen cuz she wont stop her talkin
she talkin in the circle, talkin givin head
talkin when she f*kn you, talkin if youre dead
so it probably sounded nicer then, because she was so drunk.
speaking of campout: i say yes on the AGM campout, may, undr the Cervix Concept. let him explain it. If Velvet [showed late and B4B announced he wanted to talk with her about TWO THINGS. the boy is subtle] can secure the Chemical Dump campsite at Aberdeen, why, that would be perfect. Nudist colony. Chemical Dump. BAH3 know how to pick them campsites.  
And though we are all at this out-in-bumf#k rams head because FA11 said she'd be here with CP, she shows up last. using her femine wiles, she entices a desperate middle aged man into buying her beer.  Later, it will be found, she loses repeatedly and purposely at darts to walk my bitch and ends up in a compromising position in the backseat of his beat up impala with his retro sideburns. but i left before that happened so i don't know. the point is, FA11 might be able to secure her unsuspecting grandfathers Out There Ranch primitive camping area in western md. also good. so get out of the backseat of that impala and move, girl. chop chop.
B4B was majestic as he towered over us all standing on a table. and organized. which one of the MM positions have to be organized? i nominate him for that one. Apparently, for those that don't know, Hash MM duties are more like Mob selection than any kind of "voting" thing. so, pro boner, i think you are hash hab next time around, whatever the period of performance is. we voted you in last nite. hah hah hah. its like the Navy! BAH3: we put the F U in FUN! 
there was discussion of a possible white elephant gift christmas time party, but somebody has to check with some wanker who traditionally sets it up or hosts it. well do it and get back to me. lets go. im drumming my fingers. its apparently at the most low-rent dive-ish bar that anyone in the mob could conjur up. peoples eyes lit up thinking about how terrible the place is. i can't wait. so look for the worst posible gift you could ever give someone, and prepare to give and receive absolute crap in some dimly lit, sticky floor dive bar with spare tire barflies pimping you for beer or cigarettes. and im not just talking about our harriettes. 
the scribe had nothin, the songmeister had nothin, nobody else had anything either or did they. GM gave us a rousing inspirational speech.
im AM A Zon and i'm your GM
sure other kennels got'em, but i'm bigger than dem
you know i show you my ass every single week
you dont' even got to try and sneak you a peek
something bout that trail just makes me pee
i think its the itchin of my cooter from the shiggy
i don't remember what else happened or who was there except that there was plenty of both. buncha stupid things done by morons. like ringadingding. he was there. im sure he did something foolish. besides showing up at a mm meeting.
so that's the way it might have been. this is not meant to be a legal record.
On On
Anycockll do me

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