Hash Trash # 1060 – Sick, delayed and confused Hash

Sunday, July 20 2008, 3:00pm – 7:01pm —

Hares: Amelia Airhead, Lay Over, Barf Bag, and surprise hare!

Trail: A scenic-senile-historically challenged bamboo-zled delight

A pack of hounds arrived from far (visitor from Boston and long-time-no-seer, Mother Chalker) and near (all the rest), some cumming early (and sat in her car reading a book – ThreeTrick, did you drink for that?), and some cumming late, and some even came with virgins (great job there Max).

Chalk talk was quick and somehow amusing while the hares tried to remember who laid whom, or where, or why…then the pack was off…staying mostly on trail, despite the meandering CB. There was that runner/walker split and the nasty shaggy just to get to the f*ckin water check. But the hares knew best since we had arrived at the local constabulary’s facilities, police helicopter and all. At 96 degrees, iced cold water hit the spot for all – even the latent walkers – who missed some turn by the bamboo jungle.

When every last hound arrived, off they went again to circle up at the “surprise” hare habitat – Sounds Like Pushy. While many washed off PI at the nozzle (ahhhhhhh), the pack gathered ‘round the grill, guzzling down some really great beer, munching on anything and everything that was laid on the table, and finally sitting down for circle….and never again they say…right.

PonyBoy herded the group who refused to stand because they were so heavy from food and beer (hey, maybe circle up first next time??!!). All the hares and the hare-hostess were flogged for their indiscretions including eating the entire desert before the pack even arrived – for shame! There were many more down-downs for allegations including — the virgins and JustMax’ menage’a-twat; missing the love canal; falling squirrels; technology on trail; ripped finger-nails and ankle-breakage; youthful condemnations and senile rebuttels; the incesent whining; and of course, witnessing the “short down, butts out for crowd” …just to name a few. Circle even closed in good ‘ol hash tradition, Swing Low…great trail, great company, great end. 

And that’s the way it was, real or imagined. Errors or omissions accepted if it matters (so send an e-mail to: mailto: sallysportahoy@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it) Scribe: Spitz.cum

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