Hash Trash # 1057 – Swim in da Bay Hash

Swim in da Bay Hash   

Amazon, FeyLAY, Slowman (oh no, Slowman was NOT a hare, he did provide the beer and snacks) L’il Flour (more beer)

Wankers: May’Oral Fixation, Standard Deviant, L’il Flour, Electric Muff Chuckler, Barf Bag, Lay Over, Noahhh, Drippi, Fossil, Amelia Airhead, Extra Creamy Dog Crap, Wooden Master,Flaming Nympho, Bobbin’ fer Buttplugs, Walk my Bitch, Any Cock’ll Do Me, Just Derek, Alcoholiday, At Your Cervix, Velvet Vulva, Mr. Beanie Weenie, Nightcrawler, EZ Lipps, Saintly Suds, Periodic Table Dancer, Diddler on the Roof, Just Sam, Spits, Honeysuckle Divine, Freudian Slit, Peter Puller and a couple of mystery guests (just Lynn? And…? sorry)    

The Trash:
From the perspective of someone who didn’t r*n the trail this week, but helped set it, it was totally awesome!!!! A little swimming, a little shiggy, a little getting chased off private property by a wacky lady in a golf cart, PI and surely everyone nibbled on some berries.

Things settled down on the beach, what a gorgeous day, no sea nettles, a cute little baby, Nugget, beautiful fluffy clouds, cool water. Oh, down-downs for the hares, violations, visitors, no virgins, then another naming…dang BAH3 is on a roll!
   Just Derek was bombarded with a plethora of questions from Alcoholiday out of Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas). The questions were excellent, but what question hit the mark? What was Just Derek’s most embare-assing moment during sex. He told us of a little mishap on the back of the woman and something about a couch. He was taken out of earsnot earshot and the names our clever hashers came up with were: Snotgasm, Blown Load, Who’s Your Daddy?, RU Finished?, Daddy’s Cock’ll Do, Short Presentation, Blue Sneeze of Death, Comes and Blows, Snot Back No Cum, Snot and Twat, Snot Fuck, and Smell My Daddy’s Finger. Since none of these would do, Just Derek will be known throughout the Hashdom as Snot Back Mount’em.  Some swam, some drank, some ate, some played, some chatted, some flirted, some had key problems, some spoke of climate change, it was a good day anyway.

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