Hash Trash #1042 – Bloody Chicken, Sunday

Hash Trash #1042 – Bloody Chicken, Sunday

Date: 23 March 2008

Hares:  Annie Cock'll Doo Me, Just Lisa, Just Dan

Wankers:  Back Seat Box, Just Derek, Muffalotta, Slowman, At Your Cervix, Velvet Vulva, Noahhh, Drippi Dick, Amelia Airhead, Extra Creamy Dog Crap, Barf Bag, Bobbin' Fer Buttplugs, Pukahontas, FeyLAY, Standard Deviant, Gaelick, Buddhi Jump Her, Cumrade Pissonya, May’Oral Fixation, Pyro, Doggy Style and Sextion 8  

The Trash:  A blur of phragmites, slippery beds of pine needles, brutally clinging brambles, wankers running in all directions (at the same time), on-on being hollered from every direction (at the same time), these were the sights and sounds of the chicken style hash. Any hare’ll Doo Me would have been seriously roughed up if it hadn’t been for the lovely Just Lisa, serving as beer bitch, wow, two stops, nice. And didn’t we just love the way her boyfriend Just Dan, led us along the scenic routes (he was one of the frickin’ hares for Shiggy headed guy’s sake). Oh, and the hare needs a lesson on what A to B means, because Sunday it stood for ASSAULT to BODIES! 

We could have followed the trail of blood… massive amounts of blood! Blood was on the hands, legs, arms, necks, and faces of our beautiful hashers.  If one couldn’t follow the blood, surely one could follow the bits of skin and hair dangling from the thorns of the thicket. Whew, when we all got to B, really back to A, there was much drinking, eating of the orange food and special chicken, changing into non-hash gear and lucky glances of naked skin (bloody, but still…naked skin).  

Slowman (proclaimed, with thorny crown, the King of the Ooze) stood in as RA because someone said he needed the practice (foreshadowing?). Various groups were called in for violations, antics, and hare foolery. Fittingly, many verses of “Jesus Saves” were sung and the Natty Boh’s went down-down-down.

A caravan of hashers then made their way to Can?something restaurant, where we consumed cans and cans of beer, dined mostly on seafood, and made a hell of a lot of noise. 

On-bloody-on – FayLEY (on behalf of Scribe ameritus)

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