Hash Trash # 1041- Palm It Sunday

Hash Trash # 1041: Palm It Sunday

Date: 16 March 2008

Hares: May'oral Fixation, Cumrade Pissonya (No Show Hare)

Trail: Rockburn Branch Middle School & Park

Pack:  Back Seat Box, Minnie Brew, Micro Brew, Amelia Airhead, Annie Cockle'Do Me, Just Derek, Bobbin' for Butt Plugs, Honey Suckle Divine, Pony Boy, Just Shannon, ECDC, Fey Lay

It was a blustery day in …where the hell were we?  Arriving very late and realizing there was no flour or chalk to follow, this stand-in scribe took a tiny hike in the woods…wait, what’s that noise?… why it sounds like drunken carousing…it must be the beer check! Holy crap! Disc golfers make MORE noise than hashers? Oh, well, back to the car just in time to see Annie Cock’ll Do Me or Any Cockle Doo Me (whatever) and the lovely Just Shannon and her dog who happened to be spontaneously named-Hairy Snatch. Lucky for us there was beer in the trunk of the little yellow car (no surprise).  The shortcutting two confessed that they ran into a fence and asked a friendly person to direct them back to the school. Pony Boy (FRB) said the trail was actually laid about two weeks ago and had almost completely been washed away. This was just the beginning of MC’s troubles. We’ve heard that at least one person usually finishes Amazon’s trails…hmmm, jeez.

Oh, who gives a fleep, the circle was about the best time this hasher’s had in a long while. Who takes 52 pictures at the circle? Okay 2 had to be left out due to being oversized (you want to see those now, don’t ya?). Amelia was the filling for a couple of sandwiches because she was so cold…well, she was the only harriette that actually ran trail. Honey Suckle led us in an “appropriate for the occasion” song, “Jesus Saves”, if you haven’t added your favorite verse to the discussion on HASHSPACE (damn you Pony Boy), please do so. Extra Creamy entertained us with 3 seconds of unicycle riding and a lovely song (we went along with him, it may not have actually been a song, maybe ramblings, but at least we know you can’t drink something on the house, especially if you’re a mouse or a cat). Just Derek thanked the hare for forgetting to lay the trail. Bobbin’ was hash flash on trail, right? Back Seat Box, Minnie and Micro Brew headed to the circle in time for Minnie to collect the outstanding hash cash, dang.

The on-after location no longer existed, poop, so it was decided that we would go to T-Bones. The food and company were great. The girls were in the ladies room warming their hands, tee-hee. Much talk, but you know… what goes on at the hash, stays at the hash.

Scribe: Fey Lay  

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