Hash Trash # 1037

For those of you that were not there:
Just Bill was called into the circle and asked his favorite barn yard animal. "Chicken" was the answer. Asked his favorite sexual position, he answered "Chicken style!". 'Any Cock'll do me' proclaimed the crowd. And it was done! Practically a self-naming.
Just Drew was called into the circle and asked various questions about her job, her personal life, etc. Then Gaylick and she went off to…well, we actually don't know what she an Gaylick did. The most memorable remake Drew made was about her gag reflex. Hence the name 'Pukeahontas'.
My guess is that Pukahontas is a lot happier with her name than Any-Cock'll-Do-Me.
In other trash news:
As you can see from the hash flash the trail was a warm and pleasant stroll across freshly mown meadows. Amelia Airhead commented on what a refreshing break the bamboo grove was, and how easy to follow the trail was. The other hashers were so lulled into reverie that they did not even notice (or find) the bamboo grove. Barf Bag was in the bamboo with Amelia and may have contributed to the refreshing break (and their 20 min. late finish).
The only disruptive event was the hare was attacked by a horde of thorn wielding elves who cause minor scratches. These same elves encountered Spits on trial, and apparently put their pricks in her face. (When I tried that Pyro yelled "get you hands off my wife".)
Slowman somehow tricked Noahhh into being FRB (and being awarded the brick).
Gaylick was showing off her pale and smooth skin (her point being that elves don't attack the Irish?), though she did not show enough.
Electric Muff Chuckler presided over a peaceful and orderly circle that consumed a case of Natty-Bo down-downs, two namings, three birthdays, and many compliments on the fine trail.
In atendance:
Amelia Airhead
Barf Bag
Cabin Boy
Thor the Wanker
Electric Muff Chukler
At Your Cervix
Stevie Wonderlick
Little Flour
Happy on His Knees
Just Rob?
Anal Nicole
Just Mike
Fey Lay
Bobbin For Butpulgs
Any Cock'll Do Me
Mini Brew
Micro Brew
And More…

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