Every hash is unique.  This is a *working* list of the way BAH3 usually does things.  I say “usually” because there are no hard and fast rules in the hash only traditions.

  • We love shiggy.  The more the better, a little blood on trail never hurt killed anyone
  • We love good beer.  Quality micro-brews and imports are king at BAH3, no pee colored beer.  The exception being down-down beer which of course is Natty Boh.
  • We don’t blow.  To announce that you are on trail periodically yell “ON ON”, no whistles.  We are usually hung-over and the whistles hurt.
  • Bring your own mug.  No need to add more red plastic cups to the land fills.  On some trails we’ll even haul your cup to the beer-check.

  • We mostly lay dead trails with 1 or 2 beer checks, but an occasional live trail is thrown in to keep things lively.
  • We don’t sing Father Abraham before the trail or end circle with Swing Low.  I’m not sure why we don’t and for that matter, not sure why other hashes do.
  • We violate in groups.  Unless your trail crime is particularly heinous, we bring in several violatees at once so circle doesn’t go on all night.
  • We name when we’re ready.  It could be your 1st hash (if you did something really dumb) or 20th because we finally found that special name for you. See What’s in a Hash Name.
  • We accommodate runners and walkers of all abilities.  The accommodations may be a brick for the FRB (Front Running Bastard) to carry or shortcuts so the walkers finish with the runners.
  • Trails are frequently dog friendly.  When they are not, the hare usually makes it clear in the hareline.
  • Drinking alcohol is not required, don’t feel pressured.  If you are violated, it is perfectly acceptable to request a “stunt liver” to drink your down-down. This isn’t really a BAH3-ism, but it isn’t stated elsewhere.  (On a related note, hashers are more interesting/better looking when you’re buzzed)
  • Tell the RA about naming ideas and violations before you forget
  • Trail is sometimes kid-friendly, the circle never is.  Please be prepared to migrate your child (aka. Hash Horror) out of earshot when circle begins.  You can tell hashers to use nice language in circle, but it rarely works that way.
  • Trail setting.  Check out the Hare Manual
  • We don’t track how many trails you’ve hashed, but we do track how many you’ve hared.
  • In the winter when it gets dark early we send the pack away at 3:01 PM.  In the summer it’s a bit looser and we send the pack off at 3:00 pm HST (Hash Standard Time) which means anywhere from 3:01pm to 3:15pm.