Hash Trash #1027 White Elephant Holiday Hash and Party

HASH TRASH # 1027 White Elephant Holiday Hash and Party

Date: 16 December 2006

Hares: Ranger Dick and Love Canal

Trail: Ugly, wet, slippery, trees and leaves, logs, rapids, elevation hazards…and despite the forecast for the Blanco Elephante, it was well…Blanco. But for those who were not  diddling themselves arrived on time and a small pack of hounds were off at 2:00 pm after Spitz got her dangly mistletoed-lip-locks out of the way! Minnie Brew sniffed out the flour and the rest followed….Amazon.cum, Pyro, Too Sexy, Just Samantha, Cervix, CupCake, Sindy-Laid Who-Who, Muff Chuckler, AmeliaAirHead, and trailing behind, whining foot-injured Fossil with his trusty 4-legged steed.

There were Czechs, other checks, wet flour, and the infamous “chalk-on-the-log-trick.” Going up then cumming down, slipping all the way – ecstasy. There were water crossings that made us all wet – flash flooding requiring a kayak – but alas, no blood on trail – and then we found the end, at the beginning.

The FRB – Minnie Brew, tagged-team with her spousal unit,  BackSeatBox, and then took MicroBrew home for a safe non-alcholoic evening. BackSeatBox of course took the other route (safely).The pack caravaned to the 999 (3 9’s) tavern – a mere 100 miles down the street. We were greeted by a very colorful group of locals already 20 beers ahead of us. They mostly had funny red noses, lots of long white beards, and not too many teeth – but something told me they were NOT there for a Santa Claus convention.

The pack met up (downstairs) with auto wankers, late cummers, and long-time no-see-ers, including MorallyChallenged, Noah, Johnny CockRing, Just Tina, and Muffalta…and the DFL who was discovered at some other park looking for real estate – TOO SEXY. Technology on trail would have been helpful!

Then we drank, then we ate, then we circled up sitting down for the Elephante Blanco exchanging foul (1/2 bottle of rum), funny (tikki heads & Mr Spock CD), religious (Jesus’ soccer team figurine), x-rated (porn CD), kinky sex toys, and just down right cute and ridiculous (singing bears & mices with their own little house) wrapped and unwrapped gifts – and the exchanges continued on with a cute little “onesy” PJ for Just Katherine (hmmmm – naming?).

And that’s the way it was, real or imagined. Errors or omissions accepted (so send an e-mail to: sallysportahoy@yahoo.com if it matters)

On-Sec Scribe: Spitz.cum

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