Festivus 2007 Hash Trash

Noahhh sat at the bar nursing a beer letting the
pressures of the day out of him like air leaking
from a punctured tire. Cervix slipped in, spied
Noahhh, made a furtive trip through the bar looking
for any other hashers. Seeing no others he
approached Noahhh gingerly (he has experienced
Noahhh's hair trigger before). At the point (and to
Cervix's relief) Amelia came in, nothing like a pretty
dame to pick Noahhh up out of his miseries. No
tables were available at this point but Amelia's
laser-like eyes discerned a gaggle of hens making
motions to go. Cervix scuttled over to verify what
Amelia already knew. Now was the hard part: con-
vincing Noahhh to move from his perch at the bar
to the table. Fortunately Amelia knew what to do
and Noahhh, with a satisfied grin I might add, moved
to the table, apparently Amelia can be very persuasive.
No sooner had the merry band gotten comfortable
when the door was flung open and a cold chill blew
through the joint. What evil spirit could have caused 
such a disturbance in the cosmos? This question was
soon answered when the Mysterious Mainer formerly
known as Fossil emerged from the fog. After making
sure his back was to the wall he sat at the table. Now
the serious drinking commenced, with this hard-bitten
crew there was no extraneous chit-chat either. Again
the door was flung open but unlike last time this visitor
was like a breath of fresh air on a warm spring day.
Just Samantha glided through the joint causing heads
to turn and jaws to drop. As the men scrambled to
find her a seat she graced the table with her presence.
Cervix was tongue-tied as she sat down next to him
but she soon made him feel comfortable. Even the
normally stone-faced Noahhh attemped to smile. Now
you are surely thinking who else would step into this
cauldron of tension, sex and booze. In rapid succession
Amazon, Little Flour, Vagina Whiner, Bolo and Hopalong
Chastity made their way to the everlengthening table.
Beer flowed freely, tongues were loosened, voices were
raised to be heard above the din. Bodies moved and seats
were exchanged as the subtle art of seduction was played
out on multiple levels simultaneously. Now discretion is
forcing me to still my fingers lest I reveal to much of what
may have ensued. Lets just say a good time was had by all

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