Hash Trash #1022

have you ever been grumpy?  or made others grumpy?  well, Back Seat Box has. since he is a military man I mistakenly assumed he knew left from right. he doesn't hence the wankers that came from Annapolis were sent on a wild goose chase (through 2 counties !!!) by our directionally challenged hare. this caused me to arrive at 3:25, long after the pack was gone (even after M'Orally to my embarassment). Pyro, Spitz & just Morgan had also just arrived. Pyro & I set off on the shortcut the hare provided, his sense of distance is as bad as his sense of direction. after running down the railroad tracks for an eternity (supposedley a half mile), we finally found the trail. down the hill, across the river, up the hill, through the woods we ran. solving checks, dodging brambles, scaring horses- we did it all. unbeknowst to me Pyro was not marking the checks, he wanted to slow the pack down, apparently he had hopes of receiving the fabulous FRB brick. but Peter Puller was not to be denied, he passed us like we were slowpokes (which we are). I did not see the pack at all so I can only report shananigans  second-hand. apparently our resident enviro-nazi was caught with her pants down destroying Mother Nature. M'Orally got lost on trail again unfortunately no one fell in the river. no one was very muddy it makes me wonder what they were doing out there   on a lighter note, we had 3 virgins (whose names escape me) 2 of which stayed until the bitter end at the Woodstock Inn. to my great surprise Sloman & Amelia are Woodstock Inn VIP's, who would have thought that? retirement has elevated their status quite a bit. Back Seat, Mach 6, Minnie & Micro Brew did a great job, it was a good time  



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