Hash Trash #1019

BAH3 # 1019 Un-augural Outta State (and Mind) Hash
This is the way it was, real or imagined, on a blustery Sunday afternoon, the Hash "blue plate" special was offered — so they came, they saw, they ran, they got a little wet, and they NEVER whined (except for Spitz who always "wines"), then ate, drank, etc etc.
THE STORY: A group of 25 hounds, gathered 'round the bright red hash flag, blowing in the wind.How picture perfect. They came from far and wide, in automobiles, on motorcycles, with strollers, some with their 4-legged bitches, and some just strolling down the sidewalk (the two Mother/son virgins). There were the old (Pyro) and the very young, still suckling Mom's tit — and Pyro was jeaolous.
Then they were off, across the bridge, past many falses and one REEEEEEALLY long CB, trying to find the G-spot, which was indeed where the "garden" grows. There, the beer check lingered until Amazon could find her way through the tunnel, the PI, and the manure. But, then they were off again, to the un-marked end, where there was food, drink, many songs, until it got dark, and then Spitz had to have sex with Pyro, so sent everyone home. Then there was some 6-car pile-up and MoOrally Challenged, was challenged some more.
THE END…until next time.

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