Hash Trash #1005

Hash House Harriers

From the land of pleasant shiggy

TRASH: Run #1005
July 15, 2007
Hares: Johnnie Cockring and Noahhh

HASH DATE: 15 July 2007, 1525EST Late, late, late, I was, despite the usual awesome performance of the SexyMobile. Pre-directions were not a problem. The hares (Cockring and Noahhh) were just about to leave the On On w/ the Velvet One. But, I still managed to catch up to the tail end of the pack, led by Swallow from Turkey (there's a double bird fer ya). After enough back checks and usual on-trail milling, the pack appeared to be comprised of the following: Slow Hand, Amelia Airhead, Queerly I'm Strange, Fossil, Cervix, Tatoo My Chicken (try "choking", it doesn't last forever), Ranger Dick, Gnome Gnuts, Howser Bush, Just Jeremy, E Pluribus R, Happy On His Knees (appearing quite blind on in), Just Evan, Mayoral Fixation (glove issues!), Just Doug, Swallow, and the ever present, effervescent, Creamy. Back to the trail. We were somewhere in south Bowie, near the Baysox stadium. There was a little pavement (like when we ran past Bowie Baysox stadium). Mostly it was trail. Then, some more trail. Then, more trail and running through woods and occasional dried muck. I missed the always informative briefing at the start of the trail so I was never told why yellow flour was chosen (had someones dog peed on the Gold Medal?). I will say, though, that, with my shades on while running in the woods, the flour look frequently like a patch of sunlight. Fortunately, I was on trail mostly with folks that had normal daytime vision (Slowman and Hosie). There was a beer check near the spot near the one-lane bridge near the pull-off which apparently was a frequented (and, today, interrupted) site of redneck love. Taste my corn dog! Three pickups were parked there with (from what my sunglasses told me) only one female amongst them. They dispersed shortly after our arrival. More woods and trail running. Very little direct sunlight. Ran over some dried out pond (another victim of global warming). We finished up at some park in BF. Did the down-downs. There was some salsa there that tasted like bait. Everyone apparently drank for one reason or another. Then, there was carpooling back to the Wholesale BJs parking lot and then over to Crazy Autos for beer and pizza w/ a last call from the kitchen at 7PM(?). What's up with that? It was all good w/ free pool and horseshoes in the rear. Someone had a preoccupying prediliction for this alleged thong thing that Queerily was wearing. I don't understand. Somebody send me some PowerPoint on this if it needs to go any further. All for now. Don't forget about all the cool events coming up. On, On, TS one should be very careful when accusing someone of dressing like a vegas chorus girl. fortunately for too sexy, it's apparently impossible to sully queerly i'm straight's reputation any further. just for the record, it was actually that downtown man-about-town, one of only a few tour duh hash finishers, the notorious and how's her bush who was sporting that naughty black thong under white transparent- when-wet shorts on sunday. not that i was looking or anything. so while too sexy's incessant boasting, chest thumping and prancing about at the on after about his having a freakishly large head may be well founded, it appears that the fit w/ his brain is somewhat less than snug, if you know what i mean. – johnnie cockring "as tricky a slimy dirtbag [setting trail] as he is in the courtroom"

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